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The Litchfield Company, Charleston Concierge Company & Photography by Anne, Inc.

Staged & designed by Charleston Concierge Company! Make sure to check out this incredible property listed by Jack Gumb of The Litchfield Company.

Looking forward to an exciting 2014! We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season...

I cannot say enough how incredibly LUCKY my fiancé and I feel to have found Photography by Anne! We are having a destination wedding on Hilton Head Island, SC and stumbled upon Anne’s website without knowing anything about her. We immediately loved her photographs and booked her on the spot. While in Hilton Head visiting friends and family we arranged a time to meet with Anne so we could discuss our thoughts and hopes for the wedding. I was so nervous that I would not like her, but I could not have been more wrong. From the second we walked into Anne’s studio I felt instantly comfortable and just knew she would capture our special day perfectly. You know how they say your first instinct is usually right? Well, let me tell you, it was! Anne has this way about her that she just makes you feel energized, cheerful, relaxed and at ease right off the bat. Image

Because my fiancé and I are from out of town we were not able to make it to Hilton Head for our engagement photos, but as promised, Anne came to us! She and her business partner (and husband!), Thomas, flew all the way to Holland, MI to take our engagement photos. Both my fiancé and I were excited to take them but thought that the whole day may be a little awkward since we have never really spent much time in front of a camera. Again – we could not have been more wrong! Who would have thought that spending a whole afternoon taking pictures could be so much fun? Both of our cheeks were sore from hysterically laughing all day long. After our photo shoot we had the opportunity of spending some time with Anne and her husband without the camera in between us. What a great couple! We had a blast celebrating over champagne and lots of laughs. Anne held tightly to her purse the whole time we were in the restaurant and when I told her she could hang it on the side of her chair like I did Thomas informed us that the card holding all of our photos was in her purse and there is no way she would let anything happen to them. If I wasn’t already 100% sure That Anne was THE photographer for us and would absolutely be able to capture all of our special moments, this would have definitely sealed the deal.

I have been waiting a few days to write this review because I really wanted to be able to see our engagement photos before I put into words how remarkable I think Anne is! It got to the point where I couldn’t put it off any longer, and to be honest I knew I was going to love them any way. About half way through writing this I got an email with the link to our photos….TWO hours later I am done looking at them….and there were definitely tears involved. They are phenomenal; a million times more spectacular than I imagined. THANK YOU ANNE and TEAM. We cannot wait for the wedding!

Mackenzie & Dexter

St. Louis, MO

Charleston here we come!


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